How to Come to Tampere

Tampere is a city of 220 000 inhabitants, the largest inland city in the Nordic countries. It lies some 175 km (106 miles) north of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

There are direct flights to Tampere Pirkkala airport (16 km from the city centre) from Stockholm by Scandinavian Airlines (Star Alliance) and from Helsinki by Finnair (Oneworld Alliance). There are also direct Ryanair flights from Budapest and Bremen to Tampere.

From the airport to the city center, there is a bus available approximately once an hour during weekdays, please check separately for Saturday and Sunday. An airport taxi that you share with other passengers (19 €) will take you to any hotel in the city centre. It is also possible to get a normal taxi (ca 40 €) from the airport.

To Stockholm Arlanda, you can fly directly from major European cities, and e.g. from New York and San Francisco in the US, and from Beijing and Tokyo in Asia. There are direct flights from Stockholm to Tampere.

To Helsinki airport there are direct flights from most major European cities, as well as from New York, Chicago and Miami, and from several cities in Japan, China and Thailand, as well as from Soul, Singapore and Hongkong.

From Helsinki airport, you can continue to Tampere by bus departing from in front of the terminal. Buses run from Helsinki Airport to Tampere approximately every hour, and the journey takes about two hours. You can also take a train from Helsinki airport to Tikkurila and change there to a long-distance train which takes you straight to Tampere. Trains from Tikkurila to Tampere are relatively frequent between 5 am and 11 pm (1−2 trains per hour). Journey time is 75−90 minutes depending on the train.




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