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Julia Twigg

Professor of Social Policy and Sociology, University of Kent, UK

Preliminary title of the keynote talk:
“The Cultural Turn in Gerontology: Dress, the Body and Later Life”

Julia Twigg is Professor of Social Policy and Sociology at the University of Kent. Her recent work has focused on the role of dress in the constitution of age, exploring this through a series of interconnected projects.  In 2013 she published Fashion and Age: Dress the Body and Later Life that looked at the role of dress in the lives and experiences of older women. With Christina Buse she completing a study of Dementia and Dress, exploring issues of personhood, embodiment and memory. She is currently working on masculinity, dress and age. Accounts of her clothing work can be found on: She is actively engaged in debates around cultural gerontology, and is co-editor with Wendy Martin of the Routledge Handbook of Cultural Gerontology, published in 2015. Her earlier work centered around embodiment and care, and the role of bodywork in this, publishing The Body in Health and Social Care.

What do you think are the most exciting present and future developments in your field of aging research?

I think new work on ageing that tries to get beyond the focus on problematic old age and aims to foreground the experiences of older people in all their diversity.

23NKG is a multidisciplinary conference where the participants have the opportunity to broaden their perspective beyond the themes of their own immediate research areas. How would you like to motivate biologists or medical doctors to attend your lecture?

Dress is something different. Give it a try!

In your mind, how can the Nordic Congress contribute to aging research in general? What do you expect from 23NKG?

I am much looking forward to this event. I know I will encounter an excellent range of new work taking place across the Nordic countries and beyond.



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